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  Part A
  According to some surveys completed by the Ministry of education,there are about 153 million illiterate and semi illiterate in China.The illiteracy rate in the western region is much higher than the national average,which is as high as 40%.The housing price has reached 14%of the total population of the country.Write an article about 120 words to explain your views on this issue,which is now facing China.
  Model text:
  The task of educating a huge population can be challenging to any country.Though China has shown great concern and done much in education,and in eliminating illiteracy,it still has 153 million illiterate and semi-illiterate citizens,according to some statistics issued by the Ministry of Education.So,in my opinion,raising China's education level,to a large extent,depends on greater educational achievement in its vast western region and some other backward areas.
  In the past decade,China has moved to combat illiteracy and promote nine years of compulsory schooling,especially in poor areas and areas inhabited by minorities,and has achieved a great success,but it seems a difficult task in regions where educational opportunities are limited.However,we should set a target that,by 2010,nine-year compulsory schooling should be realized and the illiteracy rate among young and middle-aged adults should be reduced to the minimum.Only in this way can China raise its national educational level.
  Part B
  It's the graduation season again.According to a latest survey,most Chinese graduates have high salary expectations,and thus prefer working for foreign companies or state-owned enterprises in first-tier cities.
  The survey was conducted by,a Chinese social media site similar to Facebook.The results show that among 1,510 respondents,more than 64.7 percent want to work in first-tier cities.
  In addition,29.4 percent of the graduates who were born in the 1990s want to work for foreign companies,25.5 percent for SOEs and 23.5 percent for private companies.
  One interesting revelation is that although there are less than 100 days before graduation and more than half of the respondents have yet to get a job offer,they are not lowering their salary expectations.Apparently,41.2 percent aim for 8000-10000 yuan($1279-$1599)per month and 31.4 percent for 4000-6000 yuan.
  According to the data released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,the average monthly salary in Beijing was 5826 yuan($931)last year,while the numbers for Shanghai,Tianjin and Chongqing were 5380,4058 and 3995 yuan respectively.
  A sample of comments in Weibo:"Are the survey results only jokes for April Fools'Day?Don't daydream anymore!Please check if you have a good command of English and professional skills that deserve a decent job with a high pay."On other comments says:"Some of my classmates got offers from foreign banks,international accounting firms and other famous foreign companies.They are told their yearly salary can reach 100,000 yuan($15,990)."
  Model text:
  A salvey recently conducted by a Chinese website shows that college students in China have high expectation for the salaries and other job condidons after graduation.
  It is clear in in the survey that Chinese students expect to earn high salary and work in the metropolis even in the first year after graduation.But to their real average salary in big cities are far lower than their expectations'according to the statistics.Moreover,the number of students who already got job offers not very long before graduation is less than half.
  People ale shocked by this suryey.According to the comnlents in Weibo,many people hold the opinion that most college students ale not realistic and know little about the real status out of tho campus.
  In my an undergraduate student,what I Can do is to ann myself with professional qualities facing the severe and competitive job market.


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