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  Part A
  Please write an essay on the importance of gratitude.Please pay attention to the following points
  1.It is not only necessary but also important to express gratitude to those who have helped us.
  2.How can we express our gratitude.
  3.Your conclusion.
  Gratitude is very important.It is the feeling of being grateful,the art of receiving gracefully,and the act of showing appreciation for every act of kindness,big and small,that others do for us.
  To express our gratitude to the ones who have offered us help is not only necessary but also very important.There are many ways can show our gratitude.It can be expressed by grateful language or by a small gift.But mo matter whatever we do to show our gratitude,we should do it in a sincere manner.
  In a word,showing gratitude is important in our life.The thanks we give help us to build a better world,one that we can all live in and enjoy.
  Part B
  With the improvement of people's living standards,"square dancing mothers"have set off a wave of square dancing,even out of the country.Please complete an article with the theme of square dance,including:
  1.Describe the current situation of square dance
  2.Analyze the causes of this phenomenon
  3.State pros and cons and show personal attitude
  It is a common phenomenon thatpeople,including the elderly people as well as some young people,will gather in the dancing square late in the evening due to the fact that people’s physical and mental life develop rapidly.
  When it comes to square dance,it is universally acknowledged thatit makes a tremendous difference to people’s life.For instance,not only dancing women promote people’s relationship but also it makes contributions to people’s health.However,dancing has some disadvantages of its own despite its advantages.When dancing,the dancing women play loudmusic unconsciously,which gives rise to dissatisfaction.
  Personally speaking,I am definitely infavor of such behaviors.By the way,I do hope the dancing women can try their best to regulate the volume of music.Only in this case can we create a harmonious community together.


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