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  Part A
  In the face of the growing western festival fever in China,please write an article that includes the following three points:
  1.The current trend is that western festivals are getting hotter and hotter.
  2.Causes of this phenomenon
  3.Your attitude towards this phenomenon
  Model essay:
  It is noticeable that western holidays are becoming increasingly popular day by day,while Chinese traditional holidays are being somewhat neglected.Old people often complain that Chinese New Year has lost its real meaning.To their astonishment,young people in China,ignorant about Chinese traditional holidays,are crazy about Christmas or Valentine‘s Day.There are several possible reasons for this phenomenon.First,western nations,such as the United States and Britain,are powerful and dominant in every aspect.Everything in these countries is assumed to be superior and adored by some modern young people.Second,the prevalence of English as a world language and the development of globalization enable western culture to flood in China.Overwhelmed by such a trend,Chinese unconsciously get involved in western culture.Last but not least,some Chinese people have blind faith in foreign things while dismiss our own possessions with contempt.I am critical of this trend.
  China boasts a brilliant history and splendid traditions.In modern times,Chinese tradition should be preserved and promoted.But it seems that young people no longer treasure the tradition.On the contrary,they turn to pursue enthusiastically a supposedly more modern culture.If this trend is allowed to continue,the priceless heritage of our ancestors will be replaced by western traditions.Nobody expects such a consequence.So let s join hand in hand to protect Chinese tradition.
  Part B
  Read the following passage,and then explain the main points in your own words.
  Beijing has expanded its outdoor barbecue business from the city center to some suburbs.
  A year ago,Beijing banned restaurants from operating outdoor barbecues within the fourth ring road area.And now,the ban has extended to several suburbs,including Mentougou,Fangs-han,Tongzhou,Shunyi,Daxing,Pinggu and Miyun.
  The barbecue ban was announced to reduce Beijing's air pollution,as barbecue has long been accused as one of the major contributors to haze.
  According to Wang Yuesi,a researcher from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Chinese Academy of Sciences,barbecuing can generate a lot of PM 2.5,harmful airborne particles measur-ing less than 2.5 microns in diameter.
  "Considering the seriousness of the air pollution in Beijing,we have to ban everything that may do harm to our environment!"Wang said.
  The issue has divided Chinese netizens,as half agreed with the policy while the other half called this grand plan nothing but"empty talk."
  A sample of comments from Weibo:"Why don't those petrochemical plants,power stations and other heavy industries be banned?What is the Ministry of Environmental Protection going to do next?We still need to eat,so please allow us to cook!"
  "Right decisions to resolve PM2.5 pollution problems,the option which made by governors is legalistic reserve for'pubhc profits'courses,"some people said.
  Model essay:
  Beijing has released many rules and policies to deal with the most eyecatching environmental issues now--smog.Recently,a new regulation was announced that the region of banning of outdoor barbecues is going to be ex-tended from the downtown to countryside.
  The government claims barbecue causes great air pollution and is the major culprit of environmentally harmful substances to the air which meet that standard of PM 2.5.
  This policy caused great controversy among the citizens in those areas.Some advocates are willing to give up their rights of enjoying the outdoor barbecue,in order to make contribution to the environment.But the others tagged this policy as"empty talk",as they are more concerned about the pollution from the chemical toxins from the heavy industries.
  In my opinion,it is essential to take some steps to protect the environment in Beijing.We should support it ff this measure show the function that keeps the air cleaner.What is more,to eat less barbecue is not a bad idea,as barbecue is not healthy.


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