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  This article is an expository text,which introduces the importance of posture or body language for communication.The first paragraph of the article introduces that smile is a positive signal of communication,the second paragraph describes some closed postures such as hands crossing,which will bring trouble to communication,the third paragraph describes that when communicating with people,two people should be kept within 5 inches,the fourth paragraph describes that leaning forward slightly can show interest in communication,the fifth paragraph introduces some body language that shows no interest in communication,and Six paragraphs introduce the function and mode of handshake,and the last paragraph introduces the importance and mode of eye contact.
  A smile is a strong sign of a friendly and open attitude and a willingness to communicate.It is a positive,silent sign sent with the hope the other person will smile back.When you smile,you show you have noticed the person in a positive way.The result?That person will usually smile back.
  You might not realize a closed position is the cause of many conversational problems.A common closed position is sitting with your arms and legs crossed and your hand covering your mouth or chin.This is often called the"thinking pose".Ask yourself this question:Are you going to interrupt someone who be deep in thought?This position gives off"stay away"signs and prevents your main"sign sender"(your mouth)from being seen by others looking for inviting conversational signs.
  The open body position is most effective when you place yourself within communicating distance of the other person--that is,within about five feet.Take care,however,not to enter someone's"personal space"by getting too close,too soon.
  Leaning forward a little while a person is talking shows your interest and how you are listening to what the person is saying.By doing this,you are saying:I hear what you're saying,and I'm interested in--keep talking!
  Often people will lean back with their hands over their mouth,chin,or behind their head in the"thinking"pose.This position gives off signs of judgment,doubt,and lack of interest from the listener.Since most people do not feel comfortable when they think they are being judged,this leaning-back position serves to prevent the speaker from continuing.
  In many cultures the most common form of first contact between two people is a handshake.Be the first to extend your hand in greeting.Couple this with a friendly"Hello",a nice smile,and your name and you have made the first step to open the lines of communication.
  Eye contact should be natural,not forced or overdone.Direct eye contact shows you are listening to the other person and that you want to know about her.
  1.A person smiles to show _____
  A.he is kind and useful
  B.he is happy all the time
  C.he is ready to talk with you
  D.he sees something funny
  参考解析:从文章第一段第一句话"A smile is a strong sign of a friendly and open attitude and a willingness to communicate."可以看出,微笑是友好、开放、乐意交流的强烈信号。
  2.According to the text,troubles in communication may result from _____
  A.a dosed body position open body position smile
  D.the main"sign senders"
  参考解析:由文章第二段第一句话中的"a closed position is the cause of many conversational problems"可以看出答案为A.
  3.Leaning back with your hands behind your head in deep thought while a person is talking _____
  A.shows you are interested in and listening to what the speaker is saying
  B.shows you want to keep some distance from the speaker
  C.makes him think-you are thinking about something else
  D.makes him believe you are not interested in his talk
  参考解析:这道题需要把四个选项和原文逐一对比、逐一排除。从文章第五段前两句"0ften people will lean back with their hands…or behind their head in the thinking pose.This position gives off signs of…lack of interest from the listener."
  4.All of the following gestures encourage communication except _____
  A.leaning forward a little while a person is talking
  B.crossing your arms
  C.looking in others'eyes
  D.extending your hand in greeting
  参考解析:文章第二段第二句话中谈到"A common closed position is sitting with your allns and legs crossed…"因此8双臂交叉是一种封闭姿势,阻碍交流,所以正确答案为B.
  5.From the text we know that _____
  A.communication little on verbal language and much on body language
  B.gestures always prevent the"sign sender"(mouth)
  C.we should pay much attention to body language
  D.eye contact is always helpful


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