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  Text A
  When facing confusion,when experiencing change,when feeling frustrated,when facing adversity The insistence from the heart,the help of others,the care of the society and the development of science and technology can always make people hope.Please choose one aspect to talk about your understanding(which can be combined with your own or others'experience)
  Model essay:
  My class life is full of happiness.During the four years'school life,I've got so many things from my class life.Friendship is the most important and precious thing that I get.I never feel lonely because of my lovely friends.Once I failed,my friends supported me and gave me courage to move on.They helped me get out of difficulty.When I was ill,my friends helped me and looked after me well.They give me a hand.When I succeeded,my friends congratulated me and shared my happiness.Friendship is one of the greatest things that I got from my class life.As the old saying goes,"A friend in need is a friend indeed."I am so lucky that I get friendship from my class life.In the last three months,I want to try my best to help my friends and make some wonderful memories.I expect to maintain the friendship between my classmates and me.Remember to never lose hope in life.
  Text B
  A school installed metal bars on all the balconies to prevent students from committing suicide.Earlier,two students jumped from the building and died within six months.
  The high school is considered one of the best in the country.To guarantee that their students would be admitted by top universities,Hengshui No.2 is run with military-style management.All students must get up at 5:30 a.m.and study 10 hours a day.All meals must be finished within 15 minutes and toilet breaks are less than three minutes.
  Pictures of the school's new balcony fences first appeared on Weibo last week,along with banners bearing inspiring slogans such as"key to the success of the college entrance examination is to succeed every day in every subject and every question."
  Most Chinese netizens were shocked by the metal bars.They agreed that instead of installing metal bars,why doesn't the school provide psychological counseling and guidance?That may help!Some others think protecting students was not the school's first intention.The school is attempt to shirk responsibilities.
  However a few people showed understanding.They think that in a small city like Hengshui,succeeding in the college entrance examination is the only to lead to a bright future.If the students can survive it,they can make it.
  Model essay:
  Since two students committed suicide by jumping from the teaching building,High School took a radical measure to prevent dangerous accidents.According to the news,metal bars was installed on all bal-conies and aU the windows.
  There is a great controversy among public.Most people think installing bars alle not going to solve the is essential to find ways to relief students stress and give them psychological guide.Moreover,installing bar are more like a method that used for avoiding liabiliby the school managers.However,someone showed their understanding for that high pressure and intense study are the only way to success.
  In my opinion,installing bars is not a good idea to solve this problem for there ale other ways to suicide.The most effective method is to fmd ways to relief students pressure and give them psychological guide.  


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