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  Part D
  The lawyer is a person with a very special knowledge of the law--both the civil and criminal. Because of this knowledge the lawyer can help people plan their affairs in accordance with law. Inother words, 41 He prepared agreements and contracts by which one person makes sure that another person will carry out his promises. He gives advice to people on domestic and family relationships and business problems.42, although the cases the public usually hears or reads about are those that come to court. The lawyer presents or defends in court claimed violations of fights, or disputes arising out of differences as to what has happened or what is legal and just. The lawyer is not only an advocate of the fights of his client but also a legal practioner sworn to uphold the Constitution and the law.
  Most lawyers today are generally college-trained men who have completed a course in a law school. Each state has its own rules about training and admission. In law school, students learn how to analyze and present problems for decision. They study the constitution, treaties, court decision, as well as prior ruling and precedents. 43 In some states, instead of going to a law school, a person may experience a long period of training in a law office 44 This method was more popular many years ago when education facilities were few and the body of law was small.
  After a person has completed formal law-school training, he must take an examination, which is known as the bar examination, to enable the state to check whether he has learn the fundamentals of the law. Besides, the applicant must show he is of good character.45The applicant is interviewed, and after his character is approved, he is then licensed to practice law.
  A.Most of a lawyer' s work is carded out outside the courtroom.
  B.The reliance on precedents permits us to plan our affairs with certainty because we can be reasonably sure of the results of our acts.
  C.he helps people keep out of troubles as well as helping those who are already in trouble.
  D.The lawyers should work hard to pass the bar examination.
  E.where he learns the various techniques and the basic knowledge that others get in a law school.
  F.A committee appointed by the court checks home training, college training and past behavior.
  G.They take tests to prove their qualifications and willingness to become a lawyer.
  1.C 。参考解析:文章第一段提到“…the lawyer can help people plan their affairs in accordance with law”.in other words提示空缺处应该是和前面内容意思对应的句子,只有C项符合题意,故选C。
  2.A。参考解析:空格后的句子是“although the cases the public usually hears Or reads about are those that come to court”,although是转折词,说明其前面的内容应该与后面所讲的内容相反,选项A“大多 数律师的工作是在法庭外进行的”,与后面的“虽然公众通常听到和读到的案子都是在法庭上审理的”形成转折关系,故选A。
  3.B。参考解析:文章第三段提到“They study the constitution,treaties,court well as prior ruling and:precedents”,即律师要研究以前的案子和其判决结果,因此选项B说明研究先例可以让
  4.E 。参考解析:文章第四段前面提到“In some states……a person may substitute a long period of training in a law office”,即以在律师事务所接受训练来代替去法律学校学习,选项C接着前半部分进一步说明了在律师事务所可以学习到什么,故选E。
  5.F。参考解析:文章最后说到“…llle applicant is interviewed…”,即申请者的性格与教育背景等都要接受审查,选项F谈到一个由法院指定的委员会要审查申请者的家庭教育等情况,与其呼应,所以最合适。



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